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Its composition consists of a steel core coated with a layer of copper, depending on the thickness of this layer, the Coppersteel wire presents a conductivity of 21%, 30%, 40% or 53% IACS. Bimetallic wire can be used in ground systems, as a ground counterpoise in transmission lines and as wire conductor in lightning rods systems etc. (See Figure 1.) You can get 50 feet of two-conductor speaker wire for a buck. Not too shabby. I always keep a bunch of the stuff on hand for experimenting with antennas. Using a single 50-foot roll of dollar store speaker wire, I made a simple 50-foot random wire antenna with counterpoise wires to cover the 40, 30 and 20 meter bands. •Counterpoise –The conductors > in length > than ¼ wavelength of the frequency at the end of a single wire (or rod) antenna. Possibly the feedline if no other conductor. •Radial Field –A sufficient number of conductors at the point where a transmission line connects to an antenna wire or rod that provide a counterpoise to the antenna. 3

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The 84-foot radiator and counterpoise is in fact the classic W3EDP antenna, invented in the mid 1930’s and still popular today. I built mine following an article by G3BDQ in Practical Wireless. According to him the 17 foot countepoise is correct for 3.5, 7 and 21 MHz.

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Unun Balun - ... Unun Balun Nov 25, 2013 · I attached a 102 whip to a metal pole...figured the metal pole would act like the counterpoise. Got everything hooked up, Grant XL, rg8, and ended up with a 1.7:1 on 20. All indications point that the antenna is too long, and I've already cut 3 inches off it. counterpoise[′kau̇nt·ər‚pȯiz] (electricity) A system of wires or other conductors that is elevated above and insulated from the ground to form a lower system of ...

A real shield conductor should not be carrying any current. It should just be a shield. It would normally be bonded to the device chassis, and the device chassis would be bonded to ground or a common bus. In a fiberglass boat there is really no ground. The battery negative is the best alternative. without limitation, conduits, conductors, static rvffes, guy wires, counterpoise conductors, anchors, grounds, footings, foundations, crossarms, insulators; electronio equipment, towers; poles and other associated equipmont necess'my or oonvenient in connection therewith ffom time to time over, undox and serosa the

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