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Describes how to calculate Cronbach's alpha coefficient for reliability in Excel by using a technique similar to that for KR20 as well as by using ANOVA. Cronbach's Alpha is the most commonly used statistic for determining the internal consistency of measurements, such as items in a questionnaire...

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Sep 08, 2011 · Cronbach Alpha always exceeds the maximum reliability possible for the measures underlying for a given dataset. This misleads the test-user into believing a test has better measurement characteristics than it actually has. 在「Cronbach Alpha(如果項目已刪除)」部分, 查看是否刪除該題項後,可大幅提升內部一致性係數 ,此處發現刪除任何題項均無法提升原外向性的內部一致性係數,因此不需要刪除題項。 以上,SPSS的信度分析,你學會了嗎? Le coefficient alpha de Cronbach se définit comme suit : α = k k − 1 ( 1 − ∑ i = 1 k σ Y i 2 σ X 2 ) {\displaystyle \alpha ={{{k} \over {k-1}}\left(1-{{\sum _{i=1}^{k}\sigma _{Y_{i}}^{2}} \over {\sigma _{X}^{2}}}\right)}}

It also shows how you can use Cronbach's alpha to identify problematic items. I make reference to this excellent blog by Sam Parsons in this video This video shows you how to conduct and write up a reliability analysis using Cronbach's alpha. It contains two examples (unidimensional and...The SPSS output viewer will pop up with the histogram that you’ve created. The y-axis (on the left) represents a frequency count, and the x-axis (across the bottom), the value of the variable (in this case Height). You’ll notice that SPSS also provides values for mean and standard deviation.

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