Describe conjugation between two paramecium.

Describe the functions of liver of frog. g. Give reasons for bird migration. 3. Discuss the process of conjugation in Paramecium with diagrams. [7.5] OR Describe the Alimentary canal of frog with necessary labeled diagram. 4. Explain Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection. Mention its drawbacks. “Do Your Best” 6. What are the respective functions of the macronucleus and of the micronucleus in paramecium? The macronucleus is the cell nucleus in the normal sense, it contains DNA and RNA and acts as the center of cellular control and regulation. The micronucleus has reproductive functions and is related to the conjugation process (sexual reproduction). Jul 24, 2019 · Tetrahymena is a genus of free-living ciliates that can also switch from commensalistic to pathogenic modes of survival. They are common in freshwater ponds. Tetrahymena species used as model organisms in biomedical research are T. thermophila and T. pyriformis. Tetrahymena - WikiMili, The Free Ency

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Describe the two main components of an ecosystem. ... of spores and sexually by conjugation ... mounted slides of amoeba and paramecium and make a comparison between ...

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It forms the wall-like structure between two cells as well as between the cell and its surroundings. Plants are immobile, so their cell structures are well-adapted to protect them from external factors. The cell wall helps to reinforce this function. Cell Wall. The cell wall is the most prominent part of the plant’s cell structure. (c) Describe the excretory organs of insects. 4 3. Describe the process of conjugation in ciliates using the example of Paramecium. What are the advantages of encystment in protozoans ? 8+2=10 4. Distinguish between the following pairs of terms : 4x2 1 =10 2 (a) Radial and Spiral cleavage (b) Neuronal and Hormonal coordination Paramecium Conjugation The Paramecium genus contains numerous species of single-celled microscopic organisms that appear much like a lady's slipper surrounded by tiny hair-like appendages termed cilia. The miniature protozoan glides through water by a coordinated movement of its cilia like millions of miniature oars.

Conjugation of ciliated protozoa involves pre-cisely defined stages. In Paramecium there occur: (1) the formation of ciliary contacts; (2) local loss of cilia and formation of narrow contacts between anterioventral somatic cell membranes; followed by (3) formation of small cytoplasmic bridges (which allow for the exchange of molecular com-

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