Family scapegoat syndrome

Family Scapegoat No Contact Mar 30, 2019 · The scapegoat has to be kept down. Be sure to check out “KKKlown world” in which I dig a little deeper into “Archetype Derangement Syndrome” and the “KKKrazy Glue” that holds it all together.

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When scapegoat daughters of narcissistic mothers begin to understand the truth about how a narcissistic mother behaves, we start to question our very identity. Sometimes you don’t believe what happened to you. We get stuck in this place of ‘what if it’s not true?’ or ‘what if I’m the narcissist?’

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Scapegoat Family "Grandiosity, lack of conscience, ruthlessness, lack of empathy, deception and manipulation have become tools rather than bad character traits. This is... There is a hidden rule that unless such revelations are unavoidable, a person’s disabled identity is best ignored. When such disability is so inseparable from the arc of the figure’s life it cannot be erased, then disability is made the scapegoat for anything negative befalling such a person. Nina Simone was what I’ll call a bipolar ...

scapegoat theory a theory that suggests that the dominant group will displace its unfocused aggression onto a subordinate group social construction of race the school of thought that race is not biologically identifiable subordinate group a group of people who have less power than the dominant group

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