Heat sink surface area calculator

A heat sink usually consists of a base with one or more flat surfaces and an array of comb or fin-like protrusions to increase the heat sink's surface area contacting the air, and thus increasing the heat dissipation rate. While a heat sink is a static object, a fan often aids a heat sink by providing increased airflow over the heat sink—thus ...

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The purpose of the heat sink is to draw heat from the small resistor element (thus keeping the temperature of the element below its maximum operating temperature) and then dissipating the heat by conduction and convection over the much larger area of the heat sink. Simple metal heat sinks. A simple, practical heat sink is an aluminum or steel ...

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A radial fin heat sink, as shown in Fig. 4, consists of a common circular cylinder that transfers heat to a series of evenly spaced circular cylinders. Advantages of this style of heat sink include, an ability to maximize surface area within a relatively small overall volume, a minimization of constriction resistance from the source to the fin A metal-plastic composite heat radiator with a hemispherical microstructure array was studied. A quantitative analysis was carried out for various factors that influence the radiator. The ratio of microstructure area, the heat generated by the heat source, the thermal conductivity of plastic, radiant emissivity of the plastic, the surface convection coefficient, and the environmental ...

Q is the rate of heat transfer between the fluid and the surface, Btu/hr (W for S.I.), A is the area of the surface that is in contact with the fluid, ft2 (m2 for S.I.), ΔT is the temperature difference between the fluid and the solid surface, oF (oC or K for S.I.), h is the convective heat transfer coefficient, Btu/hr-ft2-oF (W/m2-K for S.I.)

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