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By definition, such a game lasts at most TREE(3) turns and can never result in a draw. I don't know what the parity of TREE(3) is, so I don't know who wins the longest game. Indeed, I don't even know which player has the winning strategy in TREE(3), and an exhaustive search is impractical.Parity Check Tuning. Fine-tune the execution of long-running array operations such as Parity Checks, Parity-Sync/Data Rebuild, and Disk Clear so they are A template to allow this plugin to be installed via the Unraid Community Applications (CA) plugin is available in my Unraid-CA-Templates repository.Sep 05, 2016 · In a raid-1 or raid-10, there is no "rebuilding" time because no parity is used. The parity checks take up quite some time in the rebuilding process and that's why it's so slow. You just need to copy data from 1 disk to another, which goes fairly quickly. Obviously the smaller the disks, the lower the time to copy the data back. Free Software Sentry – watching and reporting maneuvers of those threatened by software freedom

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Feb 12, 2009 · unRaid Server Pro definitely seems appealing for me! So let me get this straight, the OS works in that it achieves "redundancy" through a single parity drive, much like RAID 4, and it also offers fault tolerance in the sense that if more than one disk (NOT the parity disk) were the fail, it would only take out the data of the drives involved, not necessarily the whole array.

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Even though this will be the “slow” storage pool, it’s still going to perform pretty well considering it’ll have the PCIe NVMe SSD SLOG device, good ARC capacity, and decent spindle layout. More on all of this later, though! Racking it up. Alright – everyone’s favorite part – putting it together! unraid parity emulated, I would like to emulate an RS232 connection on one of the COM ports for the application below. I saw posts from previous users where they suggested to take it offline, remove from array, re-add, rebuild but I want to mak... I went with this set of instructions for starting the array...

Nov 24, 2019 · Yes, but ONLY if the smaller drive is equal to or larger than the largest data drive. Try unassigning the Parity drive, then starting the array and then stopping it (to make unRAID forget the last Parity drive), then assign the new one and start the array. It should then rebuild the Parity drive.

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